Heater water system

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Heater water system for all MovingWater models.

Innovative, ultra-modern & thermal-electronic device, built with the best technology available , to be easily inserted inside any MovingWater model.

The coating of the water heating system is in a special glass that increases the heating surface and acts as a thermal screen ensuring an optimum heat emission.

Furthermore, the rog is totally free of pollutants, for which there is no danger concerning the possible release of harmful substances into the tank in which it is immersed and especially the material is resistant to chemical and biological substances.

The accessory also allows the adjustment of the water temperature inside the tank, up to a maximum of 34 ° C.

The water heater system is electric and allows the dispensing of hot water instantaneously, and therefore requires an electrical power connection.

– Can be integrated in any MW model
– Temperature adjustment (up to 34 ° C).
– Supplied with power cord and socket, mains 220 V.
– Electric Power 25 W.