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Front and /or rear opening: Movingwater Economic B – Movingwater Light B.


Differences between front opening cabinet and rear opening cabinet.

MovingWater always think about the needs and requirements of its customers! For this reason, the classic MovingWater cabinet is realized in 2 versions, ie one with front door and one with rear opening for easy loading and unloading procedures of the tanks.

As now MovingWater it is the most suitable choice for many work activities. With its independent functioning from the power supply, water supply and sanitation is, in fact, the best way to have a sink in accordance with the law requirement with no need for installation work or lengthy maintenance.

Depending on the activity  the rear opening (or the front opening) present in the two different basic models can be inconvenient.


The Economic B model was specifically designed to have the rear opening facing a wall, while still providing quick access to the tanks and allow quick checks.

In some situations or environments, the cabinet can not be leaning against a wall. For reasons of space, accessibility or simply aesthetic. On this occasion the rear opening may therefore be counterproductive. It compromise the aesthetics of the product and makes the internal mechanisms accessible also to those who shouldn’t (children, pets etc.).

So how to do in such circumstances? By choosing the Light B model, with white melamine chipboard panel covering the internal compartment tanks. The front opening makes this accessory essential when you intend to place the cabinet away from the wall, maybe even in the middle of the store / corner / clinic etc ,.

This way the tanks will be protected and the appearance of the cabinet will remain intact. Obviously the front door still lead to rapid change of water. So what are you waiting for? Order now your MovingWater cabinet with front and/or rear opening based on your needs!