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Brita on line active
Brita on line activeBrita on line activeBrita on line activeBrita on line active

Brita on line active


filter system with active carbon

Product Description


filter system with active carbon.

great tasting BRITA filtered water straight from the tap. The cartridge with activated carbon filters On Line At 1000 constantly with a multi-step process, giving a more pleasant taste eliminating the presence of chlorine / amuchina (water disinfectant) as well as particles or debris (such as rust and sand) and other impurities present in the water.
Filter efficiency up to 6 months

  • BRITA filter head
  • Replace indicator of the BRITA cartridge with acoustic signal
  • Installation Kit with certified components
  • Apparatus for the treatment of drinking water.

Warning: This equipment requires regular periodic maintenance to ensure the potability of drinking water requirements treated and maintenance improvements as declared by produttore.Il maximum period of use of the filter and ‘the six months, both for hygienic reasons that performance. The maximum daily amount of filtered water is about 25 liters. The original BRITA filters contain activated carbon, tested for food compatibility. The activated carbon reduces chlorine and its compounds that alter the taste.
The reduction of these substances is tested according to international standards as required by the Ministerial Decree n. 25/2012.

Additional Information

Weight 10 kg