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MovingWater Lux
MovingWater LuxMovingWater LuxMovingWater LuxMovingWater LuxMovingWater LuxMovingWater Lux

MovingWater Lux

841.80 671.00

Cabinet equipped super independent handwashing.

Product Description

MovingWater Lux.


MovingWater Lux is made of birch plywood (phenolic glue) plated with laminated Abet white, complete with:

  • 2 tanks with built autoclave capacity lt. 30 around
  • 1 battery 12V 7.2A
  • LED water level control panel (clean water tank)
  • control panel with LED and audible alarm overflow (recovery water tank)
  • on / off button
  • 12v outlet (cigarette lighter type)
  • Battery charge level control panel
  • hose mt. 1.5 for emptying the recovery tank
  • nozzle with stopper (load clean water)
  • stainless steel sink
  • providing mouth water
  • Front panel with electric button (water delivery control with pressure of the knee)
  • 4 wheels (INDOOR)
  • MEASURES: CM. 45X70X100

Additional Information

Weight 30 kg