MO.W economi-1-immagini-sitoThe Carpentry Piccini has created a new project dedicated to users who need to have a handwash fitted with running water environment where they carry on their activities. The cabinet handwash “MOVINGWATER” is autonomous both as regarding the electricity line that water-sewer. It is suitable for use in medical, cosmetic surgeries, physiotherapy clinics etc. …. but also for outdoor activities, ideal for street vendors who administer or sell food and drink in the many fairs and festivals or markets in general.
There are laws of nature European, National, Regional and Municipal involving the OBLIGATION to have a sink with running water to those who perform this type of activity.MO.W light-W-mobiletto lavamani autonomo
Our cabinets handwash are characterized by simplicity of use, transport and displacement, making it extremely easy to use; a careful attention to detail and finishes allows its integration into any decor.
We have designed and built three models of “MOVINGWATER” to meet any market, while in each of the essential characteristic features, but differentiating aesthetics, size, water plant, and last but not least the price range.
In the end we are able to create custom projects both as regards the size that the finish (color or essences of wood).
This will enablethe most demanding customersto better integrateourcabinetinyour work environment.