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Hand washing sink for clinics: hygiene always with you | Moving Water

Hand washing sink for clinics. Moving Water. A Tuscan company specialized in the design and production of hand washing sinks for clinics. We are talking about a tool that is not only useful but also essential to ensure that the rules in force, in terms of hygiene, are respected in all those working contexts that require it.Hand washing sink for clinics

We mean medical offices, veterinary surgeries but also dog centers, educational farms, tattoo studios, etc.

The hand washing sink for surgeries is an extremely versatile tool. An innovative product, despite of its extreme simplicity, which can be used in every room and in outdoor environments.

In fact, it is not necessary to connect it to the water supply.

All the Moving Water models have some features such as the plastic pedal pump, the two high density polyethylene tanks and the four spinning wheels with brakes.

The latter are particularly important because they allow the transport of the product from one place to another, without any problem. The hand washing sink is characterized not only by his steel basin. But also for the possibility of being fully loaded and customized.

Among the available accessories are included : the filtering system to make water drinkable, an adaptation for the connection to the power grid, and the activated carbon filter. The latter is important to prevent dangers caused by the contamination of bacteria and colloidal substances.

The hand washing sink for clinics can also be equipped. This year Moving Water has launched an important innovation for children. In fact the hand washing sink becomes child- friendly. All the basic features and the possibility of personalization do not change.

What change is only the size of the basin.

Where to buy the hand washing sink for clinics?

By visiting our shop in our site. You can buy not only the hand washing sink but also all the accessories you need. To request more information about the product, contact us by filling out the dedicated form by clicking here. Alternatively, call us at 335 52 40 713.