Basin for basement and garage

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Basin for basement and garage: MovingWater.

Basin for basement and garage

Small hand cleaning for small spaces.

Often inside of boxes, garages and cellars there is no type of sink.

Actually within these, or other areas used as deposit, can come extremely handy to have clean water.

Our sink basin for basement and garage will allow you to wash your hands, wash dusty bottles before bringing them indoors, wash cloth with which you have removed some dust, etc., without the need for long, costly masonry work and sometimes not feasible as subject to constraints.

In fact, it is a completely autonomous sink that does not require connection to the mains water supply and sanitation.

So easily “installable”, or rather “placeable” If you need to use clean water.

Equipped with 2 large tanks, one for the water to be dispensed from the faucet and one for waste water, is the optimal solution in the absence of drains and water attacks.

Finally, all the models can be equipped with a foot pedal and wheels for transportation.

Ideal for street vendors, itinerant or shops when you do the beasts, and you need a sink.

All you have to do is visit the site and choose the model that best suits your needs!

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