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Considering the huge request of our products in Switzerland, we have faced several times with the problem of the product clearance. Usually, being this a particularly onerous practice, in agreement with the client we have handled to deliver the product to a representative person (relative, friend or a person known by the buyer) with residence in Italy (often Piedmont or Lombardy) or doing a held for pick-up at the BRT courier’s branch closest to the border; in this way we are able to emit a regular invoice directed to the Swiss client with a zero IVA rate.

Necessary documentation:

  • Nominative and address of the contact person, who is residing in Italy, for the delivery of the product.
  • Identification number for companies (IDI)
  • Invoice stamped by the customs once entered in Swiss territory (to scan and to send it via email or fax)

Of fundamental importance is to receive the documentation above listed, for being able to exempt the Swiss buyer to pay the Italian IVA. In fact in lack of this documentation, there will be issued a new invoice with a 22% supplement (rate of Italian IVA).

For the direct delivery to Switzerland, the transportation cost (BRT courier) including Italian customs costs, varies based on the exact destination, but the price is usually around euro 150,00 pro cabinet (what is not included are the Swiss Iva and the administration expenses, which will be directly asked at the Swiss customs once the product will be in the phase of clearance).

The order cannot be made through web, due to all these variants. The procedure consists in the sending of the invite through email (, of the invoicing and shipment information so to receive the order confirmation in a pdf format, with a description of the product and the bank details in order to proceed with the payment.
Once that you send us, always via email or fax, the signed order confirmation document for the acceptance and the effected payment receipt, the order will be activated and usually in 3 or 4 working days, the product will get to destination.

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