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Hot Water for self-sufficient handwashes


Cabinet equipped super independent handwashing.

Product Description

Hot Water for self-sufficient handwashes: connected to the electricity power.

Water heating system for all models of self-sufficient handwashes with adaptation for connection to the electricity power.

The exclusive “water heater” consists of a simple watertight rod which is plunged directly inside the specific clean water tank.

The water temperature can also be adjusted with precision up to a maximum of 34 ° C.

The ultra-modern electronic thermal device has been specifically designed with the best technology available and it can be inserted without any difficulty inside of any MovingWater model.

The rod in special glass coating increases the heating surface and acts as a thermal screen ensuring an optimum heat emission, also, it is totally free of pollutants (for which there is no release of dangerous substances inside the tank) and resistant in chemical and biological substances.

– Watertight rod
– Connection to electricity power: 220V
– Electrical power: 25W
– Temperature control system: max 34 ° C
– Device Height: 270.00 mm

Additional Information

Weight 30 kg